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Tyler the Hedgehog by TJBladeX<-- Tyler the Hedgehog
Time: 12:00 AM

Tyler walks into the building and starts to look around.
Tyler: So this is where I'll be working? Kinda creepy because its night, but what's gonna happen. I'm getting paid to sit in a chair and look at cameras from time to time.
Tyler walks up to a small stage, on the left is a purple bunny stood in front of some drums, on the right is a duck, and in the middle was a brown bear wearing a black bow tie and top hat.
Tyler: Okay, that's creepy.
Tyler looks more to his left to see a pirate fox on its own smaller stage with a sign in front that says "Sorry. Out of order". Tyler shrugs and walks to the security room, he sits in the chair and looks at the computer pad that shows all the cameras.
The phone on the desk suddenly rings and he picks up the phone to here a guys voice.
Phone Guy: Hello? Heeeeloooo! Uhhh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Umm, I actually worked in that office before you. I'm...Finishing up my last week now as a matter of fact so...I know it can be a little overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you: there's nothing to worry about, uhh, you'll do fine! So...let's just focus on getting you through your first week. Okay?
Tyler: Alright.
Phone Guy: Uh...let's see. First there's an introductory greeting from the company I'm supposed to read. Eeh it's kind of a legal thing, you know. 'Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza: a magical place where kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for damage, property or person. Upon the discovery of the damage or death of the third, a missing person's report will be filled within ninety days or as soon as property and premise have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached and the carpets have been replaced. Blah blah blah.'
Tyler: W-Wait! Did you say death!?
Phone Guy: Now that might seem bad, I know, there's really nothing to worry about. Uhh, the animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night but do I blame them? No! If I were forced to sing, those same stupid songs for twenty years and I never got a bath? I'd probably be a bit irritable at night too. So remember: these characters hold a special place in the heart of children. You need to show them a little respect. Right? Okay.
Tyler: Yeah, yeah. Okay. Now back to that death thing!
Phone Guy: So just be aware: the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uhh, they're left with some kind of 'free-roaming mode' at night. Uhhh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. Uhh...they used to wander during the day too, but then there was the bite of eighty seven. Yeah...i-it's amazing that the Mobian body can live without the frontal lobe, ya know?
Tyler: W-What? You mean those creepy robots will be walking around while I'm here? And what were you talking about when you said "the bite of eighty seven"?
Phone Guy: Now concerning your safety: the only real risk to you as the night watchman here, if any, is the fact that these characters...Uhh, if they happen to see you after hours probably won't recognize you as a person.
Tyler: ?
Phone Guy: They'll-They'll most likely see you as a metal endo-skeleton without it's costume on. Now, since that's against the rules at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, they'll probably try ta...forcefully stuff you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit. Umm, now that wouldn't be so bad if the suits themselves weren't filled with crossbeams; wires; and animatronic devices, especially around the facial area, so you can imagine how having your head forced inside of those could cause a bit of discomfort...And death. Uhh...the only parts of you that would likely see the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth which would pop out the front of the mask...Yeah they don't tell you these things when you sign up...
Tyler: Really!? Because I was SO looking forward to hiding from animatronic animals trying to shove me in a suit and kill me!
Phone Guy: But hey! First day should be a breeze. I'll chat with you tomorrow, uhh, check those cameras, and remember to close the doors only if absolutely necessary. Gotta conserve power. Alright, goodnight.
The guy then hangs up the phone.
Tyler: N-No! Wait! Dammit! *sigh* Okay Tyler. You can do this. You've fought armies of robots, you can do this. Sure, you had a sword and your friends to back you up but hey, what can you do.
Tyler: *GASP* *Slams both doors* What the hell was that?
Tyler picked up the computer pad and checked the rooms, the animatronics were all still in there places and remained there.

Time: 3:00 AM

Tyler sat at the desk, his head rested on his left hand while he looked at the cameras on the computer pad.
Tyler: I guess that guy was full of crap. Its been three hours and they haven't moved at all.
The cameras kept switching between the rooms and then went back to the stage with the rabbit, bear and duck on it. But the duck was gone. Tyler's eyes widened almost immediately, he began switching the cameras and then it went to the dining room, in the middle of the room was the duck staring at the camera.
Tyler: What the hell have I gotten myself into!? Oh, why couldn't I have gotten a job at McDonalds like Ace.

*Meanwhile at a McDonalds*

A blue hedgehog with red eyes and a big piece of fur covering his left eye was stood at a desk speaking into a microphone.
Ace: For the last time sir, this is a McDonalds! We don't serve Ramen, and we don't serve meatball subs!
Random guy: Oh okay...........Can I have a pepperoni pizza?
*Back to Tyler*

Tyler kept switching between the cameras and sore that the duck had moved from the dining room. He then heard something coming from the right hall way. He turned on the light and sore the duck staring at him through the window.
Tyler: HOLY SH*T!!!!!
Tyler slammed the door shut but kept the light on. He shut the left door so nothing else could sneak up on him and he walked up to the window where the duck was looking through.
Tyler: So. You think your so tough don't ya? Well screw you duck! Your despicable! Get it?
Duck: .....................................................................................
Tyler: Your despicable. Your a duck. Daffy Duck? No? Ah, your no fun.
Tyler walked back to his desk and pressed the button to turn off the light. Tyler began switching between the cameras and then sore the rabbit was gone.
Tyler: *sigh* Great. Now the rabbits coming for me. Hmm.
Tyler pressed the button to turn the light on in the right hall way and sore the duck was gone.
Tyler: Ah, good. He left. Now where's the rabbit?
The cameras switched between the rooms and sore the duck was now back on the stage, he then switched to the kitchen and sore the rabbit stood in front of the oven.
Tyler: If he fell on that and caught on fire it would be hilarious. *chuckle*

Time: 5:00 AM

Tyler was still looking at the cameras and sore the fox was now missing as well as the duck and rabbit. A knock then came from the left door.
Tyler: ......Hello?
???: ................................................
Tyler shrugged and put his feet up on the desk.
Tyler still checked the cameras and then sore the animatronics were all back in there places. Tyler looked at the clock and sore it was six o'clock.
Tyler: Well, I'm done. *yawns*
Tyler pressed the button and started walking through the building, he then walked into the room with the animatronics and sore the door, he walked passed the stage with the bear, rabbit, and duck and pulled up his middle finger while walking past.
Tyler: How you like that?
Tyler then walked out the door and sore a car pull up and a grey hedgehog came you and walked up to him.
Grey hedgehog: So, how's your first day?
Tyler: There was some worry, some boredom. I'm hungry.
Grey hedgehog: Well, see ya tomorrow.
Tyler: *sigh* Yeah.
And Tyler climbed onto his Hover bike and drove home.

See you next time. On Night 2.

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