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Location: Large Canyon

Shade and Dr. Grey were standing on top of Dr. Grey's base looking at a strange object attached to the floor.

"And what's this?" Shade asked.
"That's a Plasma Cannon." Dr. Grey replied. "Its like a Machine Gun Turret only it looks cooler!" Tyler then came running in holding something in his hands.

"Check out this thing!" Tyler yelled. He then aimed it out at the canyon and a missile fired out of it. "It shoots missiles!"
"That's a Missile Pod." Dr. Grey informed. Falcon then walked up to the three holding a Battle Rifle.
"Alright, where is it?" Falcon asked.
"Where's what?" Tyler asked.
"Sirena's "kid", the abomination of nature." Falcon replied.
"Blarg!" The high pitched voice yelled. Falcon turned around to see Sirena standing next to a small elite.

"Alright, let's get this over with." Falcon ordered aiming the gun at the baby Elite.
"What are you doing!?" Sirena yelled.
"Killing this thing." Falcon replied.
"No your not!" Sirena yelled smacking the gun out of his hand. "That's my kid and I'll love him till the day I day! Or when he dies, it really depends what age they die."
"How do you know its a he?" Tyler asked. Dr. Grey walked over and picked up the Elite and looked underneath it.
"Yeah, its a he." Dr. Grey informed putting him back on the floor. Clover came running up to his friends holding a Missile Pod.
"Tyler, I found another one!" Clover yelled.
"Missile fight!" Tyler and Clover yelled running back downstairs and outside the base.
"Just let me kill it!" Falcon yelled.
"No!" Sirena talked back.
"Terra you agree with me don't you?" Falcon asked. Terra then appeared and looked at the Elite and then at Falcon.
"Well. It is her kid." Terra shrugged.
"Its not a kid!" Falcon yelled. "Its an abomination of nature!" Everyone then heard an explosion followed by Tyler yelling "Sorry!"
"Come on Junior! Lets go see what Tyler and Clover are doing." Sirena spoke and they both walked back into the base.
"Junior?" Shade asked.
"Kid needs a name." Dr. Grey replied.
"Its not a-Never mind!" Falcon stormed off. Suddenly a loud voice echoed throughout the canyon
"Falcon!" The voice yelled. Everyone ran outside and sore Slash standing there. "I've had enough! Every time we fight something gets in the way and you all escape! Well that changes now, we're going to fight and I will destroy you all!" Slash then threw a grenade at everyone and they all jumped out of the way. Falcon pulled out a Spiker and began shooting at Slash.
"Shade!" Falcon yelled. "Go fire the Plasma Cannon! Tyler, Clover, go nuts with those things!" Shade ran into the base and started firing the Plasma Cannon at Slash but he dodged, Tyler and Clover started shooting missiles at Slash but he dodged those as well! Slash then pulled out a Gravity Hammer and hit Falcon into the air and turned to Sirena. Sirena picked up Junior and put him in Dr. Grey's hands.
"Get inside and keep him safe!" Sirena ordered. Dr. Grey ran inside with Junior while Sirena shot at Slash with an Assault Rifle. Falcon landed back on the ground and pulled out an SMG and began shooting and hit Slash in the back and Sirena hit him from the front.
"That's it!" Slash screamed. He jumped out of the way and punched Clover in the face and grabbed the Missile Pod from him, he began shooting at Falcon and Sirena and hit them sending flying. He then aimed at Shade and shot him, but he ran out of the way, he then jumped on top of the base and ripped the cannon right off the Plasma Cannon. He started shooting at Tyler who kept running away. Shade snook up behind him and hit him with the blade of a Brute Shot.
"Aaarrrrgghhh!" Slash screamed. He turned around and pulled the Brute Shot out his back and aimed the cannon at Shade. Falcon got back up and Terra appeared.
"Terra can you find a weak spot on him?" Falcon asked.
"I'll try." Terra replied. "He has an injury on his back which will stun him if hit hard enough."
"Alright." Falcon replied. Falcon pulled up his SMG and shot Slash right in the centre of his back and he dropped the Brute Shot on the floor. Falcon looked over to see Tyler staring at Slash still holding his Missile Pod.
"Tyler, fire!" Falcon ordered.
"Huh?" Tyler replied turning to Falcon and then gasped, he started shooting at Slash and explosions surrounded him, Shade jumped off the base and ran over to Falcon. Clover got back up and ran over to Tyler, Sirena then got up and shook her head.
"Is he dead?" Clover asked. When the explosions cleared Slash was gone. Terra then gasped.
"Shade move!" Terra yelled. Suddenly Slash appeared in the air holding the Brute Shot and was about to hit Shade when Sirena jumped in front of him and shot Slash and he fell to the ground.
"Everyone move!" Falcon yelled. Everyone ran over to Tyler and Clover and Falcon threw some Grenades at Slash and he went flying to the cliff. Slash stood up but a rock fell on him and he couldn't get up. He looked up and sore Falcon stood there, he took the Brute Shot from Slash and held the blade above his head.
"F-Falcon come on! Show mercy!" Slash stuttered.
"Show mercy?" Falcon asked. "You want me to show mercy when you've been trying to kill me and my friends?"
"I-It was just a joke!" Slash stuttered again. "Pretty funny right!?"
"If that was pretty funny, then this is going to be hilarious." Falcon spoke. He held the blade above Slash's head.
"NOOOOOOOOO!" Slash screamed and the blade went straight through the back of his helmet and he went stiff.
"He's dead." Shade mumbled. Dr. Grey and Junior walked outside and sore Slash laying on the floor, dead. Falcon turned to his friends who started cheering and jumping up and down. Falcon then looked at Dr. Grey.
"Doc, call the UNSC command centre." Falcon ordered.
*A few hours later*
The canyon was filled with Spartans, Warthogs, Troop Transport Warthogs, Scorpions, and Pelicans. Slash's dead body was being covered by a sheet and put in the back of a Pelican

"Is everyone alright?" A grey and red Spartan asked.
"Yeah we're all fine." Falcon replied. Tyler stood on top of a small hill looking down at a couple of soldiers telling them all about their adventures.
"And then Terra was inside a strange floating orb which could shoot giant lasers out of it!" Tyler explained.
"Whooooaaa!" The five Spartans gasped. Sirena was holding Junior in here arms and some soldiers were taking pictures.
"Amazing, how you gave birth to this creature and could still fight one of the deadliest soldiers the UNSC has ever fought!" A grey and green Spartan informed. Soldiers were going in and out of the base carrying all the weapons Dr. Grey had been keeping.
"Dr. Grey, we are very happy that you are giving these weapons over to the UNSC, these will surely help us in future fights." A grey and red Spartan thanked. "And we would be honoured if you were to join us back at the base and help the sick soldiers." Dr. Grey gasped when she heard this.
"Y-Yes, yes! I would be honoured!" Dr. Grey thanked shaking the soldiers hand. Shade and Clover were leaning against the side of a Scorpion talking to some soldiers.
"Yep. Slash was stood just feet from me with a deadly weapon in his hand and I stood there not even flinching." Shade gloated. Just then a Spartan in grey and yellow wrapped around his right arm.
"Wow. Your so brave for doing that. And your pretty cute too." The girl Spartan flirted.
"W-Well I-" Shade blushed. Suddenly a Pelican flew into the canyon and landed in front of Falcon, when the door opened Sergeant Johnson walked out.
"So your Falcon?" Sergeant Johnson asked looking at Falcon.
"Yes sir! Its a pleasure to meet you!" Falcon bowed.
"You know, I never trusted the Elite Spartans." Sergeant Johnson informed. "But you proved to me that you can be trusted."
"I'd prefer if you or anyone else didn't call me an Elite Spartan anymore." Falcon replied. "I was disgusted in myself when I found out that we were doing wrong when we were told we were doing good."
"Well Falcon, have you ever thought about working for UNSC as a top soldier?" Sergeant Johnson asked. "Because we could really use someone like you fighting alongside the Chief."
"Hey Falcon get over here!" Tyler yelled. "This guy wants to take a picture of us all for the news!" Falcon walked over to his friends and they all stood in front of the camera. Falcon and Shade stood in the middle, next to Shade was Tyler, Clover, and Dr. Grey, next to Falcon was Sirena, Junior and Terra.
"Say cheese!" The Spartan said.
"Cheese!" Everyone smiled and the Spartan took the picture.

The End!

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