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Location: Isolation

Shade, Tyler and Sirena were shooting at the army of grunts running at them. One tried to jump on Tyler but he shot it in the face, Tyler then put away his Assault Rifle and pulled out his Energy Sword and started killing the grunts. Sirena and Shade kept shooting but a grunt snook up behind Shade tried to grab his Battle Rifle, Shade pressed the trigger and shot the grunt.
"There's so many of them!" Sirena yelled still shooting. Three grunts were about to land on her but were shot by Shade, Tyler was still slashing away at the grunts when he realized the three of them were surrounded.
"Theirs no way out!" Sirena panicked. "We're going to die!" Tyler ran into the grunts and slashed his way passed them and ran to their ship.
"Tyler were are you going!?" Shade yelled.
"Hey grunts!" Tyler yelled and all the grunts stopped and looked at him, Tyler then threw a plasma grenade onto the ship and it blew up. The grunts now ran to their destroyed ship and were trying to fix it.
"Where did you get that plasma grenade?" Shade asked.
"I took it off one of the grunts." Tyler replied. "Well, I took TWO of one of the grunts."
"Two?" Shade asked. Suddenly the ship blew up again killing all the grunts.
"That was awesome!" Sirena cheered.
"Yeah Tyler." Shade agreed. "That was pretty cool, and smart."
"Thanks!" Tyler replied. "So. Where are we?" Tyler asked looking around.
"I don't know." Shade replied also looking around. Sirena then noticed a large hole in the wall behind the destroyed ship and dead grunts.
"Hey theirs a hole!" Sirena pointed out. "Lets see where it leads!" The three Spartans then walked over the dead grunts and walked through the hole, when they looked around they realized where they were.
"ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!?" Shade yelled. They were in Valhalla.
*Sometime later*
Tyler and Sirena were leaning against the side of their old base watching Shade pacing up and down yelling to himself.
"Unbelievable!" Shade yelled. "After all that, we end up here! We're back to square one! No we're way behind square one!" Shade ranted.
"Do you think we should talk to him?" Sirena asked.
"I was going to ask you the same thing." Tyler replied.
"Cheer up Shade!" Sirena smiled. "We're back in Valhalla!"
"We weren't trying to get back to Valhalla!" Shade screamed. "We're trying to find Terra!"
"True, but isn't it nice to see our old base again." Sirena asked.
"Yeah, I guess." Shade sighed. "Wait a minute! We've got some machines in the base that were used to call each other someone wasn't at the base!" Shade reminded. He then inside and Tyler and Sirena followed him. He walked up to the wall that had screen all over it. He wrote in the name Terra and a red dot appeared on the map.
"She's their!" Tyler pointed. "That's Last Resort!"
"Well, looks like we know where we're going." Shade informed. And the three Spartans walked out of the base and headed outside the canyon.
*Meanwhile back at the base*
A Spartan in Orange and Gold armour was standing on top of the base watching them through a Sniper Rifle.

"There you are." The Spartan spoke to himself, he then looked to his left and he sore something disappear on top of the cliff. The Spartan just shook his head thinking it was an illusion and walked away.
*Meanwhile with Shade, Tyler and Sirena*

Location: Last Resort

The three Spartans were standing on a beach, Tyler and Sirena were looking out at the ocean and Shade was staring at the Base in front of them.
"This is beautiful!" Sirena admired.
"Don't get used to it." Shade replied. "We're going into the base." Shade ordered. Tyler and Sirena then walked with Shade into the base. Tyler stopped to look at the giant circle object spinning around.
"What is that?" Tyler asked.
"Looks like a giant stone windmill." Sirena thought out loud.
"Guys." Shade moaned. And they carried on looking. Shade suddenly started hearing a quite beeping sound and moved towards it, he walked inside a building and found a grey Mark VI helmet on the ground.
"Guys." Shade mumbled. Tyler and Sirena walked in to see Shade on his knees, he stood up and turned around holding the grey helmet. The helmet belonged to Terra.
"She was here." Shade mumbled.
"She must of lost her helmet." Sirena spoke up.
"Yeah Shade. Don't start acting like she's dead." Tyler agreed.
"I know, its just." Shade began to say. "She was here. If I hadn't been complaining back in Valhalla we could have got here and found her." Shade blamed.
"Shade don't blame yourself!" Sirena yelled. Tyler and Shade jumped when they heard Sirena's angry tone.
"When did you get so tough?" Tyler asked.
"I don't know." Sirena replied. "But what I do know is that you shouldn't blame yourself for this! We'll find her!" Shade stood their looking at the helmet and then at his two friends.
"Alright." Shade smiled. "It doesn't matter where we go, we're going to find Terra!" Tyler and Sirena cheered and the three of them ran outside.
"Tyler, you look over their!" Shade pointed. "Sirena you search over their! And I'll look around h-" Shade began to say before a bullet hit the floor next to him. The three looked to where the bullet came from and their stood a Spartan in orange and gold armour holding a Sniper Rifle.
"You three aren't going anywhere." The Spartan ordered.

To be continued...

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